Sharks at Great Barrier Reef

Sharks are common in Australia waters, the Whitsunday area, and the Great Barrier Reef. There was even a Shark Show in the middle of Airlie Beach. This blog covers sharks biting people.

Last Bite for Shark Show

Vic Hislop's Shark Show opened in Airlie Beach in 1996. Vic's son Brett took over around 2002. The Shark Show closed on Sunday 20 April 2008. The iconic exhibits and show will move to Harvey Bay, where the show has also operated for 20 years. The show included a documentary theatre, a comprehensive display relating to shark attack victims, a preserved 5.6 metre Great White shark. Best of all, it had the wonderful shark jaws and mouth that were the entrance to the show.

Sharks vs Crocodiles

One really good thing is that crocodiles catch and eat sharks. More photos of crocodile catching shark on Blogger. Pity that the sharks don't reduce the number of dangerous crocodiles around Airlie Beach.

Sharks and Bullants

Taronga Park zoo marine biologist John West claims sharks reputation overkill. He says sharks kill 1.12 people a year in Australia. In contrast, ants manage to kill 2.4 humans a year. I may have to do a web page on the deadly threat of bullants.