Internet Access in Airlie Beach

New subscribers may not be able to obtain internet access from any ISP that does not already have an excess of line connections in the Airlie Beach telephone exchange. You may not be able to even obtain an slow, obsolete ADSL connection. If you need ADSL2+, this means Telstra are the only provider.

If your business relies upon modern telecommunications, you may need to check your options (good luck in doing so). If you are building a new resort (or a new marina), I have no idea whether you will be able to organise phone and internet connections at all. Ask Telstra before you start building.

No Room in Airlie Beach Telephone Exchange

Internet access in Airlie Beach may not be possible in future. The Airlie Beach telephone exchange is full. Reports suggest that all the telephone rack space is already full, and that the telephone exchange at Airlie Beach has no more floor space. Airlie Beach is one of eight telephone exchanges in Queensland that have run out of space on their MDF, and have been declared Capped by Telstra.

Fire in Airlie Beach Phone Exchange

An electrical fire at the Telstra telephone phone exchange in Waterson Way, Airlie Beach was extinguished by auxiliary fire fighters before dawn on Thursday 3 April 2008. This is the only phone exchange and landline internet connection for Airlie Beach. It is mostly unattended, but an automated alarm detected the fire.

This time the Airlie Beach auxiliary fire brigade got there in time, only eight minutes after the alarm sounded. Indeed, the volunteers at Airlie Beach seem to me to react with great speed. I live at a resort - the fire fighters consistently reach the scene of an alarm at the resort as fast as or faster than I do. However auxiliary fire fighters have their own jobs, careers and family commitments outside emergency services. Your business is relying upon the goodwill and 24/7 availability of some wonderful volunteers who may well not be able to respond in a timely manner to every alarm. Think about it when planning your business communications. You might also make a donation to the volunteers.