Geckos, the chattering menace

Geckos, the chattering menace in Airlie Beach resort rooms. The estate agents do not tell you how much these menacing lizards will cost you. There is a reason movies about alien invasions so often involve reptiles.

Gecko Kills Air Conditioner

A stupid Chinese kitchen gecko died attacking our air conditioner at the Whitsunday Terraces. The gecko nearly managed to set the air conditioner on fire, with the circuit board burnt beyond repair. A replacement board cost us many hundreds of dollars before our air conditioner was once again working.

A spokesman for one local Whitsunday air conditioning agent says they now routinely attempt to have circuit boards covered with a silicon spray, in an attempt to protect the air conditioners against damage from geckos. if you want to live in the Whitsundays, check that your air conditioner has appropriate protection against geckos.

Gecko in Electric Kettle

Why did the tea water boil over? Because it was stewing a thoroughly boiled and rather bloated dead gecko. There followed a period of boiling the tea water in a microwave. Shortly after she threw out that electric kettle, Jean found a Sunbeam Quantum cordless automatic kettle (KE3560). The big feature was the removable stainless steel mesh filter across the spout. That should stop geckos from crawling in.

We noticed on a later visit to Townsville that one store had a selection of electric kettles. However they all had protective mesh filters over the spout, to prevent the ingress of insects (and geckos). I wish the electrical retailers in the Whitsundays would figure that one out.

Gecko Found Inside Egg

This is a classic. According to the ABC, a Gecko found inside egg shell. I hate geckos. The score here is an air conditioner and an electric kettle. Plus gecko shit everywhere else.