Fast Food in Airlie Beach

Shute Harbour Road in Airlie Beach has more fast food chains in two blocks than any other town its size in Australia. McDonalds, Dominos, now closed KFC, Subway, Baskin-Robins. Is there a restaurant left in Airlie Beach?

Why does Airlie Beach have McDonald's, Dominos, now closed KFC, and Subway? Giant franchise food chains. Are tourist visitors looking only for cheap food, or will they also visit more traditional restaurants? One view is that Airlie Beach caters only to backpackers.

Night Owl




McDonalds' celebrated their 10th anniversary in the middle of Airlie Beach in July 2008. Owner Michael Muller says he did 9 months training (and was interviewed 11 times) before he gained the franchise. Recently McDonalds' became the second store in Airlie Beach to run 24 hours a day (NightOwl was the first 24 hour opening store). Previously there was a one hour gap at Airlie Beach between when the night clubs closed (5 a.m.) and McDonalds' opened (6 a.m.)

Baskin Robins

Drug Emporiums?

Drugs? Do fast food restaurants really provide free ice with coke, and sell Special K?