Disclaimer for Airlie Beach Bum

This site contains satire, and traces of nuts. You figured that out right away, didn't you?

This is a plain English disclaimer. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is in plain English. I am told plain English is a good thing in web sites.

Travel Warning

Do not use this site for the purposes of travel planning. The author can not guarantee the appropriate mix of floods, famine and pestilence at the time you visit. Most of the time Airlie Beach is staid, dull and filled with cranes, dust, and construction noise.

Well, dull except for the drunks and yobbos, who are pretty much guaranteed to appear every evening. Unless the beer train is derailed again. Talk about alcohol abuse. The entire population of the North Queensland tropics were upset about the beer train derailment.

Not A Legal Disclaimer

This is not a legal disclaimer. Lawyers mostly won't talk to me. If you have a complaint, send me your name, photograph and home address. I'll have a couple of large yobbos with baseball bats visit you, and demonstrate their sporting prowess on your kneecaps. Come to think of it, maybe that is why lawyers won't talk to me?