Cyclone Destroys Airlie Beach

A cyclone has already destroyed Airlie Beach once. Why take a chance of living in or visiting the Whitsundays, an area already ravaged by past cyclones? However you do not need a cyclone for a storm to destroy your boat.

Another case of stay inside and kiss your arse goodbye, if there is a cyclone. Acording to Whitsunday Council there are NO Evacuation Centres available in the Shire suitable to receive persons prior to the impact of a Disaster Event such as a cyclone.

Cyclone Yasi

Yasi was largest cyclone I have ever seen cross the Queensland coast. Luckily for Airlie Beach, Category Five Yasi was well north of Townsville, and so was over three hundred kilometres away. Damage in Airlie Beach was minimal.

Cyclone Anthony

Although small, Cyclone Anthony went through Bowen, only fifty kilometres from Airlie Beach.

Cyclone Ului

Category Three Cyclone Ului arrived on 21 March 2010. This crossed the Whitsunday coast, and made a real mess of canefields.

Cyclone Ada

The small but intense Category 4 tropical cyclone Ada hit the Whitsunday islands on the 17 January 1970. Hayman Island had 75% of its buildings destroyed by 160 kph winds. Daydream Island was reported destroyed. Happy Bay and Palm Bay on Long Island were struck, as was South Molle Island. It is reported that all the boats at Lindeman Island were sunk. Sadly fourteen deaths were reported, mostly fishing and boat crew. Damage was equal to around $400 million dollars in present terms. At Airlie Beach, 80% of buildings were reported destroyed. The top floor of the Airlie Beach hotel was removed. All except one boat in Shute Harbour was sunk or overturned. There were floods at Proserpine.

Cyclone Kerry passed the coast near Proserpine on 1 March 1979. Damage around Whitsunday resort islands. Wind gust recorded at 76 knots. $1 million damage (at 1979 value) to boats in harbour.

Sites About Tropical Cyclones

The Bureau of Meteorology explains tropical cyclones, and shows the storm tracks over North Queensland. There is a list of Queensland cyclones. Recollections of Cyclone Ada by former Whitsunday Mayor Mario Demartini. Official surviving cyclone advice from Whitsunday Council.