Airlie Beach Bum Wreck Site

This site exposes the backside of Airlie Beach. Think of it as a helpful corrective to all the sites that praise Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays as paradise on earth.

Deadly Animals and Marine Dangers

Crocodiles at Airlie Beach.

Geckos, the chattering menace in resort rooms.

Jellyfish, the offshore menace.

Mosquitos and Tropical Diseases.

Sharks at the Great Barrier Reef.

Snakes in Airlie Beach resorts.

Marine stingers injure and kill tourists.

Transport Failures

Airport isolated, passengers abandoned.

Parking, 47 parking spaces in the main street of Airlie Beach.

Roads flooded, Airlie Beach cut off.

Train lines flooded, passengers stranded.

Infrastructure Failures

Whitsundays Regional Council, shafting Airlie Beach.

Cranes and construction dominate Whitsundays.

Decline of shops in Airlie Beach main street?

Internet access in Airlie Beach oversubscribed?

Lagoon increases drownings in Airlie Beach.

Construction noise pollutes Whitsundays.

Oil shale mining to pollute Whitsundays.

Pave paradise is town plan for Airlie Beach.

Protests all over Airlie Beach.

Post Office at Airlie Beach to Close?

Sewerage the dirty secret of Pioneer Bay.

Television, Airlie Beach resorts, remote from media.

Water supply, complete with minerals.


Natural Disasters

Boats sink at Airlie Beach in wild weather.

Cyclone destroys Airlie Beach.

Shops numbers decline in Airlie Beach.

Lagoon increases drownings in Airlie Beach.

Flood waters damage shops, and strand tourists.

Landslides. Is Airlie Beach another Threadbo disaster?

Rainy season traps tourists, floods Airlie Beach.

Sunburn, sunstroke, skin cancer, and tanning salons.

Tsunami, watch the tide go out ... and return.

Tourist Traps

Drinking and drunk driving.

Driving on the only road there is.

Fast food, the tourist curse.

Port of Airlie marina construction, a natural disaster?.

Stinger suits make tourists look silly.

Tourists statistics.

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